Troubleshooting SmarterMail Email

Things to Check When Troubleshooting Email Issues

 Check for an Internet Connection
Is your Internet connection working? Always test your Internet connection first. Your email will not work unless you Internet connection is functioning properly.  

Confirm the domain has not expired
Go to Your email will not work if your domain name has expired.

Test or Verify Your Username and Password
Pen Publishing offers webmail for all customers that have an email account hosted with Pen. Using the interface is an easy way to test your username and password.

  1. Go to
  2. Attempt to log in with your username and current password

Note: Your username is your full email address with Pen.
If you are unable to log in, contact your email admin to reset your password 

POP or IMAP? Verify server settings
Confirm you have the correct account settings in your email client setup.

Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server:
Account Name / User Name:  full email address
SMTP Authentication  must be turned on  and your Account/User Name and Password must be entered. Fields labeled 'optional' are not truly optional.
Incoming IMAP Server Port Number: 143
Incoming POP Server Port Number: 110
Outgoing Server Port Number: 587

Disable Email Anti-virus Scanning
Some anti-virus programs will setup their own POP  and SMTP settings to scan for viruses in your email.  This may cause sending and receiving issues with email. If you have an internet connection, have tested your login and confirmed your account settings, complete the following steps.

  1. In your anti-virus program, turn off, test and turn back on.
  2. If email issues are now resolved, email scanning is the issue. Contact your anti-virus manufacturer for assistance for this problem.  


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