How to Add a Subdomain in Plesk

Watch the video below to learn how to add a sudbdomain in Plesk Control Panel.

Subdomains allow you to create different websites alongside your primary website with each driving awareness to your company's products and services. These websites could be anything from an eCommerce store, a blog, different landing pages for special new products or projects, and so much more.

A subdomain is a third-level domain that’s part of the original top-level domain. Think of something like “”, compared to the original top-level, which is “”.

Benefits of using subdomains:

  • Showcase different product or service lines
  • Cater to different customer regions - US, Canada, etc
  • Insert keyword into subdomain URLs
  • Improve user experience by directing user quickly to what they want
  • Drive people to a custom application like a calculator



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