FlipperSD CMS - How to Connect a Google Account to SEO Maximizer

Integrated Google Analytics and Google Search Console Metrics Tool

We’ve developed SEO Maximizer Basic to allow website administrators to view their website’s data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console from within FlipperSD. No more going back and forth to Google platforms to see how your website is doing.

Once connected website administrators will be able to view:

  • Live Active Users on the Website
  • Number of Users
  • Number of Website Sessions
  • Avg. Pages Viewed Per Session

SEO Maximizer Basic includes dynamic metric graphs that provide users, website sessions and average pages viewed per session for the past week, month and year!

SEO Maximizer Basic is included with all FlipperSD websites!

If website administrators want more search engine data and tools to help rank their website higher, they can simply upgrade to SEO Maximizer Standard. The upgraded version includes on-page keyword analysis and recommendations for the specific page being analyzed plus the SEO Toolbin which allows for batch updating of page titles and meta descriptions.

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