FlipperSD CMS- Share Resources Across Micro or Child Websites

Share Resources Across Micro or Child Websites


Share documents, images and graphics across multiple microsites.

Are you a franchise owner with multiple locations and websites for those locations but want to control brand integrity by providing approved images, graphics and documents to each franchisee? No problem! FlipperSD allows for resource sharing across multiple micro or child websites.

For example, if your website is but you have locations across the country with websites such as,, etc. You can share images, graphics and documents to those location websites and control the quality of your brand plus provide the most recent materials to all franchise location websites. You don’t have to maintain files or update files in multiple hosting servers anymore. The micro or child websites can still add their own images and graphics but have franchise approved materials available.

What if you have a new product you are launching and bought the domain but want to use the product images from your main website? No problem! You can buy a novelty domain, have a completely different design but pull images, graphics and specification sheets from the parent site. You can then have the same product ready to showcase on your parent website!

You can also utilize the shared resources to microsites for online advertisement campaigns and tradeshow specific promotions.


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