How to Enable Robot Protection on Forms

How to Enable Robot Protection on Forms

Online forms are notorious for being flooded with bogus submissions from spambots. Lucky for all of us there are tools that help block those spam form submissions.

Use one of the following FlipperSD robot protection types:

  • Invisible Text Box – Creates a hidden text field on the form that is not visible to humans. If the hidden text field gets filled, FlipperSD blocks the submission.
  • Captcha – Asks the user submitting the form to type and submit distorted letters or numbers into a specific text field. Spambots can't read the distorted characters therefore making it easy to block them from submitting spam submissions.
  • Minimum Timeout - Checks to see if the form was submitted in less than the set amount of time. For example, if minimum timeout is set to 10 seconds and the form is submitted in three seconds, it is assumed that a robot filled out the form and the submission is blocked.
  • FlipperSD CMS, FlipperSiteDeveloper CMS
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