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Domain names can be complex, often with lots of rules and regulations surrounding who can buy them, when, and how long for. There are also rules that determine when domains can be renewed, and how long after expiry, as well as if additional fees apply.


Here at Pen Publishing we put a lot of work into trying to make domains simple to own and operate for our partners.  In our portal, we took that a step further with full automation for domain management.


Our portal provides our partners the tools to register domain names and manage your existing domain names.  One of the best features is the option to turn on Auto Renewal, this feature will automatically charge your credit card on record 30 days before the domain name expires. You never have to worry about your domain expiring again. 


If a domain is not renewed before the expiry date is reached, it enters what is commonly referred to as the Grace Period. The Grace Period typically lasts between 0 and 30 days and often does not have any additional costs associated with it allowing a domain name to still be renewed at the normal rate.


When the grace period elapses, most domains then enter a status of Redemption. Redemption is the last chance to renew a domain before it becomes available for registration again and often coincides with registries putting the domain up for auction. Domains can still be renewed while in the redemption status (providing it hasn't been auctioned off) by paying a redemption fee plus the regular renewal cost for the domain.


If a domain is still not renewed after this time, then the domain is "released" and becomes available for new purchases again.


Our domain management feature also allows our partners to edit the domain contact information, manage nameservers and manually renew your domain name for up to 9 years. 


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